Portland Cement Clinker made by Pioneer Cement Industries LLC is superior in strength and suitable to produce various types of high strength Cements by grinding it with Gypsum. The Pioneer Clinker is having 55% minimum of 3 CaO SiO2 (C3S), which is the main component for strength development in Cement. Cement produced by Pioneer Cement Industries is superior in quality and meeting the requirements of following standards :

EN 197 – 1 CEM I 42.5 N – European Standard

B S 12: 1996 42.5 N – British Standard

ASTM C – 150 Type I 42.5 N – American Standard

It stands first in consistency of product quality and brand popularity and hence enjoys premium rate for its products compared to that of its competitors. The premium quality & cost advantage  of products, the in time delivery to customers in right quantity & quality, customer confidence, the strategic location of the plant are the principal factors that contribute to its successful leadership in the UAE market.

Pioneer Cement OPC 42.5N grade is a high performance, distinct quality cement. Stringent quality checks and regular monitoring at the various levels in the manufacturing process ensure consistent quality.

Advantages of Pioneer cement are:

  • Linear increase in strength over a period of time, which is unique property of Pioneer Cement
  • Resistant to chemical attacks
  • Fast setting time to ensure to ensure rapid rate of construction
  • Reduced water/cement ratio to get good concrete strengths
  • Better workability for mortar/concrete applications
Pioneer Cement is ideally suited for all construction purposes (mass or reinforced), for manufacturing of cement bricks, roofing tiles, paving blocks, for concrete roads, canal linings, for plastering and for all other cement based precast structures.

Pioneer Cement is having the latest state-of-the art equipment, instruments for the quality control of raw materials; semi finished and finished products at each stage of production process. The laboratory is having a latest Cubix XRF and Cubix Pro XRD supplied by Panalytical. Cubix XRF is simultaneous X-ray spectrometer. It has 10 fixed channels and Super Q windows based software. Chemical laboratory is well equipped with chemicals, glassware and equipments like Calorimeter, High temperature furnaces and ovens. Qualified chemists are employed to analyze all the materials and products involved in cement manufacturing. Physical laboratory is having all the facilities to test cement as per European standards as well as British standards. Additional equipments like Autoclave were provided to ensure the superior quality of Pioneer cement.